Who We Are

Red Hot Solar Energy Inc is a special family owned company dedicated to promoting quality energy saving products to the homeowner. Red Hot Solar has been setting the standard in and serving south Florida since 1984. We have installed thousands of Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC) rated and approved domestic hot water and pool heating systems. Being the licensed contractor (CWC054910) on every job, we do not use subcontractors. We are aware of each home site’s individual requirements. We service our own systems as well as for other companies be it domestic hot water, pool heating, or photovoltaic, AND also service all components of ALL systems, tanks, panels, pumps valves etc for electric, gas or solar. We take pride in our knowledge, integrity and our professional craftsmanship. Just ask your neighbors!

Recommendation, when you annually have your car radiator flushed out remember to have your water heater, (gas electric or solar) flushed out. Easy annual maintenance helps to extend the life of your tank. To learn other ways to cut energy costs go to: www.createthegood.com/energysave

Quality products and personalized service.